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Services We Offer

Weight Loss Essentials

Meal Plan and Wellness Coaching

These sessions help you transform your life using all of the pillars of wellness!!

As a wellness coach it is my job to assist my client with overall health; this includes stress management, basic nutrition, recovery, physical fitness and motivation. I work with individuals to bring all aspects of optimal living into harmony.

Wellness involves turning fragmented pieces into a happy whole by guiding a client to a balanced life. 

Let's transform your life together!

Weight Trainer

Personal Training

All fitness levels and fitness goals are welcomed!!!

We specialize in biomechanics and corrective exercises. Not only can we get you your goals quickly and safely, but we are trained to increase your quality of life by programming according to the corrections that your body needs allowing you to create healthy habits beyond our training sessions.

Start your fitness journey with us today!!  

Fit Couple

Virtual Group Classes

Come join our virtual classes!!

We have a variety of classes for all ages and fitness levels!! There will be no goal left behind!! 

Have fun getting fit no matter where you are!!

Classroom Lecture_edited.jpg

Flexx Wellness Academy

Let us come teach Nutrition and Wellness along with Physical Education like you have never seen before.

Ask us about our curriculum!! 

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