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If you have a busy life and you are looking for accountability and motivation to improve your lifestyle, look no further.

Join our 6 week Flexx Wellness Challenge!! 

You will have access to an interactive app, meal plans, workouts, group support, daily reminders and 24 hour access to 2 personal trainers. 

The challenge starts February 6th. There will be a one time, non-refundable, registration fee of $75. The last day for payment is February 8th.​

Weekly weigh-ins will take place every Friday via our private app. 

Each member is to upload their weigh-in picture on the app provided by the end of day. All contestants will be judged on their before and after videos showing a front, back, and both side views. They must also include their full name, weekly code, feet, date and weight clear in pounds on a piece of paper as demonstrated below.

75% of payments without a discount code goes towards our youth development group. 













Screenshot (366).png

The winner will be determined by objective voting by our team to have the most significant, impressive overall transformation in body composition. 

We look forward to seeing you FLEXX!!!

Let’s get fit, motivate each other...and have fun doing it!

For further details, please contact us at 405-418-6188 or email FLEXXWELLNESS@YAHOO.COM.

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