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Mandisa Sobers

Owner, Flexx Wellness 

Mandisa Sobers is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who helps her clients maintain their physical, mental and dietary health as the owner of Flexx Wellness.  


She has been passionate about fitness for as long as she can remember. Mandisa grew up in a holistic household and understood the importance of full-body health from a young age. 


She enjoys working with clients who are interested in long-term personal growth. To Mandisa, wellness is more than just exercise — it’s about treating the whole person. Emotional and mental well-being is just as much of a focus for her as is building muscles. 


Mandisa received a bachelor’s degree in Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition & Wellness from Langston University, and she is working toward becoming a registered dietician. She also has specialized certifications in biomechanics and corrective exercise.  


In her spare time, Mandisa enjoys cooking healthy recipes, immersing herself in self-improvement activities, performing spoken word, volunteering with children of all ages and making memories with her seven-year-old daughter.   

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