Why have a free session with us??

Because it includes a wellness analysis

A wellness analysis an analysis where we asses your wellness needs, and provide professional recommendation towards them. (It’s not just geared to physical health so we may outsource assistance for your needs) We are certified personal trainers that specialize in biomechanics and corrective exercise, and we also provide mental health plans. 

This assessment will be geared to what you say you are looking for. We offer basic financial planning skills, stress coping mechanisms, and if necessary we will asses your fitness level, mobility or lack there of and any imbalances that we may find. We talk about your goals, wellness journey, any pains you may be having (physically/ mentally) and health history. Our method is to find out your personal values and goals and use them to reinforce where YOU said you wanted to go with your life.  

**We not a doctors by ANY means, we are COACHES 


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